It's not always what you say about your business that counts, but what others are saying.

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“Furman Communications has done a great job of keeping American Executive Centers in the news through persistence and creative ways of looking at our company keeping us news worthy. Robyn has collaborated with our team acting as a true business partner in many areas of American Executive Centers, adding her writing prowess and creativity to all of our communication with the outside world. From our press releases to our websites, networking events to promotional videos Furman communications has been a valuable addition to our team.”

G. Michael Howard
American Executive Centers
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When companies are ready to initiate a public relations campaign, they are usually ready to take the next step in their growth. If that is where you are today, we can help you. We will evaluate your business, and then look at your competition. We’ll help you identify your niche by examining your strengths and reducing your weaknesses. Your credibility is a key issue in positioning your company and staying true to your mission. We’ll plan a course and guide you through the process to take you to that next level...together.

Media Database Development
For every project we handle for you and your business, we develop a customized media database. The media respect this, and will respect your company because of it.

The specific media contacts who receive information about your company are very important. That’s why, when we carefully identify the appropriate media, electronic or print, we verify exactly who the correct contact person is for EVERY SINGLE PROJECT. We leave nothing to chance. We do not assume that the same person who was an editor or a producer during a previous project is the same person for the current project. People in the media shift positions frequently, and we stay on top of those changes.

At Furman, we have access to a database of all local, regional and national press and media outlets. We talk with the media on a daily basis – writers and editors covering a wide-range of beats. The media recognize Furman for providing newsworthy stories that are timely and of interest to their readers. As a result, we frequently hear from our media contacts when they are looking for material for stories on which they are working.

While many public relations firms use electronic services such as PR Newswire or ProfNet to distribute press material to draw media attention to their client’s business, we prefer to rely primarily on building personal relationships with the press. Our results speak for themselves.We have a history of achieving outstanding coverage for our clients through contacting the press directly.

Media Relations
At Furman Communications, each public relations campaign is a carefully designed and coordinated effort aimed at building and maintaining the highest level of continuing interest in your service, product and company. To that end, our approach to media relations can be described as a combination of tenacity and finesse. First, we rely on our experience and insight. We identify the appropriate media database for your industry. Then we look at your message and information in order to develop the right balance to deliver a compelling, timely story that gets the media’s attention. We then carefully manage the dissemination of information in order to get the most dramatic results from the media. We pay particular attention to crafting the right "pitch" to persuade editors, writers and producers that your story is newsworthy, significant and contains important information to their audience.

The media know and recognize great writing. At Furman Communications, excellent writing skills are our backbone and strength. To that end, we employ writers who have experience writing at the local/regional level, as well as for national and internationally recognized publications crossing all categories. Utilizing the information we glean from interviews with you, your clients and customers, we organize and structure information that appeals to the media and helps them formulate stories for their publications. We are and continue to be successful both writing for and placing stories in various publications, including local and regional newspapers and business journals, industry trade publications and national and international business magazines. We help you get where you want to be.

Company History/Fact Sheets
When writers and producers look through your company’s media kit to find information, they want to find it easily, and they want it to be complete. When we develop your specific media kit, we’ll include a company history and fact sheet that will summarize the pertinent information. We’ll do this by carefully reviewing the information relevant to your business, and update it so that it is always current and easy to read.

When you have a company opinion that reflects on industry protocol, standards or recent governmental decisions, we can help you state that opinion in a way that will position your company in an appropriate manner. We can either write the paper for you, or edit it. Having professional writers review your opinion before it becomes public can be very helpful.

Executive Biographies
When the media decide to do a business profile, they look for specific information in an executive biography. We’ll help you gather the information necessary and put it into a curriculum vitae or biography that will meet their expectations and satisfy their needs.

Special Event Planning
Furman Communications has experience in organizing and arranging business events that cover a wide range of classifications, such as grand openings, press conferences, fundraisers, promotional sponsorships, and company meetings. We will work with you and your staff to create events that will have people talking.

Advertising and Graphic Design
Through an affiliation with a local firm, with offices a stones throw away, we make it easy to streamline your graphic design needs as they relate to advertising, corporate identity, website development and marketing collateral . The services we provide through our affiliation include but are not limited to: Logo & Identity Package Development, Direct Mailers, Newsletters, Posters, Postcards, Brochures, Package Design and Websites.


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