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Everybody knows that PR gives us a "warm and fuzzy." Meaning, the message is always more powerful, feels better and is more memorable when it comes from someone else. In my experiences, the immediate sales gain from positive PR is more than 20 times than what a paid for advertisement can deliver. When one is actively engaged and active in an ongoing PR campaign the "warm and fuzzies" come hand and hand with the sales. I can't think of a better way to do business, especially when it is in partnership with Furman Communications.

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Why do you need public relations?
Ask yourself a few key questions about your business goals…are you looking to grow and take your business to the next level? Are you interested in increasing sales? Are you reading about your competitors and not YOUR company? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions and you don’t already have an effective, proactive, result-driven public relations plan in place, then YOU NEED PUBLIC RELATIONS. We're here to help!

Any business can spend money on flashy ads or marketing material...but not everyone can get an article published featuring their business or be quoted as an expert source in a newspaper, business journal, national business or trade publication. The Power of PR offers much greater value to your business than advertising. Advertising can certainly be helpful, but it neither provides the same level of impact to your target market nor the credibility which press coverage will give you. To obtain press from a third-party, you need the skilled professionals at Furman Communications who are media savvy and know the ins and outs of how to get publicity.

We're connected to editors at local publications and media outlets, as well as vertical trade magazines across a number of fields. We track new contacts and editorial calendars, and stay on top of what the media is writing about so we can properly pitch your company's message as we come across new opportunities.

We'll craft and refine your message and work to pitch it to the appropriate media. When you obtain press from the media, it's far more valuable than any other use of your marketing dollars - you gain credibility from an objective authority figure that simply can't be bought!

How can Public Relations help you?
Communications is a broad term that encompasses many areas and overlaps with marketing. Basically, communications starts with crafting a coherent, appropriate image and message and disseminating those to your various audiences - customers, stockholders, vendors, and employees to name a few. We can work with you to develop press releases, customer success stories/profiles, website and marketing copy, fact sheets, executive bios, employee/customer newsletters, speeches, scripts for corporate videos. All of these pieces work together in building your image.

We can give you nearly full-time attention from a specific account executive - making you feel like you have a virtual employee on call to meet all your needs, or we can provide assistance on specific projects or campaigns as you need it. Whatever degree you need us, our goal is for you to feel like our fees are small, compared with the value our efforts bring to your company in terms of exposure and credibility in the marketplace.


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